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The Sauvageau Bear Snare is a convenient addition to your outdoor gear, ensuring you can carry it effortlessly on your adventures. Whether you’re exploring remote wilderness or setting up camp in bear-prone areas, this bear snare is a reliable companion, ready to provide an added layer of protection.



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Introducing the Sauvageau Bear Snare, an innovative and reliable solution designed to enhance your safety in bear country. Crafted with precision and rugged durability, this bear snare is engineered to provide peace of mind for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and hikers venturing into bear habitats.

The Sauvageau Bear Snare boasts a robust construction, utilizing high-quality materials to withstand the challenging conditions of the wilderness. The snare features a strong and flexible cable, carefully selected to ensure both strength and resilience, capable of withstanding the force of a bear encounter.

Is a bear trap a trap?

The foot traps used by the Bear Study program (bear snare, Maine bear snare, bear snare trap) are the same traps used by recreational bear trappers. They do not cause pain or injury to the bear.

Designed for ease of use, the Sauvageau Bear Snare incorporates a user-friendly locking mechanism that allows for quick and secure deployment. The intuitive design ensures BRIDGER #1 LONG SPRING TRAP that even in high-stress situations, users can set up the snare efficiently, providing a crucial layer of Wildlife snare of defense against potential bear encounters.

Safety is paramount, and the Sauvageau Bear Snare (m15 bear snare, bear snare for sale) is equipped with a visible and durable indicator, providing a clear visual signal when the snare is engaged. This feature allows users to maintain awareness and take necessary precautions, promoting a proactive approach to bear safety.

Sauvageau Bear Control Products

Sauvageau bear control products offer effective solutions for managing and deterring bear encounters. From bear-proof containers to electric fences, Sauvageau provides a range of products designed to keep bears away from residential areas, campsites, and outdoor spaces. With durable construction and proven effectiveness, Sauvageau products help promote safety and reduce the risk of bear-human conflicts. Whether for personal or commercial use, Sauvageau offers reliable solutions for bear management.

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