PIÈGES OUELL – URSUS-1 BEAR TRAP With Adjustable Paddle






PIÈGES OUELL – URSUS-1 BEAR TRAP With Adjustable Paddle For Sale

PIÈGES OUELL – URSUS-1 BEAR TRAP With Adjustable Paddle Online. Test carried out in the fall of 2009 by 2 professional trappers on the depredation in collaboration with the MRNF.

After detecting the presence of the animal, baits and traps were installed on the site, and the next day, the installations gave good results. It is very important to check your traps every morning.

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The Ouell URSUS-1 TRAP is a high-quality, heavy-duty bear trap that is one of the best bear traps on the market. This trap is easy to use and meets all international humane trapping standards. It is extremely effective and durable. Each trap comes complete with a 42-inch trap wire and a special trap setter. It is made in Canada.

Bear trap shoes specs


Piege Ouell, Inc


9 lbs. (4.08 kg.)


22″ x 16″ x 6″

Target Pests:


Pièges Ouell -Ursus-1 Bear Trap with Adjustable Paddle Comprehensive Features:

1. Precision in Action: The Ursus-1 is engineered for powerful and precise bear trapping. Its advanced mechanism ensures swift and secure captures, allowing trappersto effectively manage bear populations with confidence.

2. Adjustable Paddle Flexibility: The inclusion of an adjustable paddle sets the Ursus-1 apart. Trappers can fine-tune the paddle to accommodate various trapping scenarios, adapting to the specific conditions and nuances of the environment. This feature enhances the trap’s versatility and overall trapping efficiency.

3. Ouell’s Legacy of Quality: Ouell is synonymous with quality, and the Ursus-1 Bear Trap upholds this legacy. Built with durability in mind, this trap is constructed to withstand the rugged conditions of bear trapping, providing long-lasting performance in the field.

4. Rugged and Durable Build: The Ursus-1 features a robust construction that can withstand the formidable strength of bears. Crafted from high-quality materials, the trap remains resilient even in challenging outdoor environments, ensuring a dependable trapping tool for trappers of all levels.

5. Ethical Trapping Practices: Ouell strongly emphasises ethical trapping practices, and the Ursus-1 reflects this commitment. The trap is designed to capture bears to minimise stress on the animal, aligning with ethical trapping standards while maximizing the trapper’s success.

6. Professional-Grade Performance: Whether you’re a seasoned professional trapper or a wildlife management enthusiast, the Ursus-1 Bear Trap delivers performance at a professional-grade level. It is an essential tool for those prioritising effective and humane bear trapping.

Immerse yourself in the state-of-the-art innovation of the Ouell Ursus-1 Bear Trap, featuring an Adjustable Paddle. Revolutionize your trapping prowess with a tool that seamlessly merges power, precision, and adaptability. Embrace the time-honoured Ouell tradition of excellence as you procure your Ursus-1 today, elevating your trapping endeavours to new heights.

In addition to our Ursus-1 Bear Trap, explore our range of offerings, including the Reverse Bear Trap, for specialized trapping needs. Delve into the exceptional performance of our products, echoing the legacy of quality upheld by Ouell. Whether navigating the challenging landscapes of Bear Trap Dunes or seeking comfort with Bear Trap Sandals, our comprehensive selection ensures you have the right tools and gear for every trapping scenario. Enhance your trapping toolkit today with Ouell’s cutting-edge technology and join a tradition of excellence that defines our commitment to superior trapping solutions.

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