Canada Goose Decoys - Avery/GHG

Canada Goose Decoys For Sale

These Canada Goose Decoys Avery/GHG by Greenhead Gear are among the nicest production decoys ever produced! These new decoys take realism and convenience to a new level.

The Canada Goose Decoys Honker represents the next advancement in full-body geese decoying, building upon the hugely successful floating goose decoys. We’ve included all of the fantastic elements that set the XD Mallards apart from the competition while also introducing practical new features to the full-body game that will facilitate and enhance your hunting experience. 

When you combine our soft Durafeather body with the amazing carving detail, you get the hardest and most eye-catching decoy on the market. The exclusive Illusory Motion paint scheme and body design produce the ultimate illusion of movement. The robust body and one-piece construction ensure that there are never any missing parts, and the aggressive paint job paired with the flocked heads gives the avian x goose decoys their distinctive appearance. 

You’ll get the best of both worlds with our revolutionary Flex-Lock Technology combined with the reliable Real Motion Bases: a one-piece decoy system that genuinely permits motion (to speed up set up and pick up) -When it comes time to pick up, utilize the tail-attached Quick-Grab Loops to quickly retrieve a few decoys back to the trailer, eliminating the need for bungee cords to hold the base on and impede your decoy’s movement.

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