Bear trap ursus-2, very effective and easy to carry, fixed mechanism and lace inside the bucket for better protection.

Lace included
Tool included



Pièges Ouell – Bear Trap Ursus-2 With Bucket For Online 

The Pièges Ouell – Bear Trap Ursus-2 With Bucket is a high-quality, durable bear trap that is easy to use and meets all international humane trapping standards. It is extremely effective and durable. Made to last, it has an adjustable pressure trigger and a reinforced hub. Each trap comes complete with a 34-inch trap wire with a swivel and a special trap setter, Ursus knife doppler phase 2, Aspiradora robot ursus trotter 2 en 1. It is made in Canada.

We have yet to find a trap that is more efficient and as simple to use as the Pail for Ursus-2 trap, High-Performance Bear Trap URSUS-2, Ursus Doppler phase 2 cs2, Ursus 2, and Ursus Doppler phase 2! Designed in collaboration with experts from the Fur Institute of Canada.

100% efficient

  • 2 security hooks
  • Most powerful spring on the market
  • Fixed mechanism on the pail, nonapparent snare
  • Adjustable trigger resistance, and also triggers when pulling

Easy to use, versatile and safe

  • Every trap comes ready to use
  • Use 4 screws to affix the support to a tree and insert the trap in the support
  • The trap is sold with a snare, the arming tool and the support
  • Ultra-fast verification
  • Durable materials

Ouell Ursus-2 Bear Foot Snare Bucket Kit Online

Pail (Bucket)

Both the lid and the four bolts that secure the mechanism are sold pre-drilled. Additionally, the front reinforcement stem is pre-installed.


  • Reinforcement stem
  • Pail
  • Screws to fix the cover

Not included:

  • Lace (Snare)
  • Arming Tools
  • Stand for tree
  • Mechanism and its fixing bolts to the bucket

    High-Performance Bear Trap URSUS-2

    1. The High-Performance Bear Trap URSUS-2 has revolutionized wildlife management and protection efforts across the globe. Developed as a response to increasing human-wildlife conflicts and the need for more effective conservation strategies, the URSUS-2 represents a cutting-edge advancement in trapping technology.
    2. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, the URSUS-2 can identify and target specific species with remarkable precision. Its high-performance design ensures swift and humane capture, minimizing stress and harm to the captured animals.
    3. Moreover, the URSUS-2 is integrated with advanced telemetry systems, allowing wildlife biologists and conservationists to track trapped animals in real time. This enables researchers to gather invaluable data on animal behaviour, movement patterns, and population dynamics, facilitating more informed conservation decisions.
    4. In addition to its efficacy in wildlife management, the URSUS-2 is crucial in mitigating human-bear conflicts in regions where these interactions pose significant risks to humans and bears. By safely capturing and relocating problem bears, the URSUS-2 helps prevent conflicts and promote coexistence between humans and wildlife.
    5. Furthermore, the URSUS-2 is designed sustainably, utilizing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient components. Its modular construction allows for easy maintenance and upgrades, ensuring longevity and minimizing environmental impact.
    6. Overall, the High-Performance Bear Trap URSUS-2 represents a promising advancement in wildlife conservation and management, offering a powerful tool for protecting endangered species and human communities in the face of increasing ecological challenges.

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