This compact sillosock telescopic flagging pole 12′ starts at 3 feet. It extends to 12 feet! It is lightweight and easy to use. Use with Sillosock Snow Flyers, Decoy Parts and Accessories, Canada Flyers, Speck Flyers, Mallard Flyers, Bartz Flags, or the new “Just Wings.”

It can be used on a Rotary Machine or a Bouncer Machine as the end of it has a molded square fitting. It also works great with the new “Just Wings” Spinner Flyers. It was made in Snow geese or Mallards.

We have been using this pole with great success to “Land” flyers in the spread. Geese can’t resist the temptation to come check it out! You need the Sillosock Flag Bracket to keep the Sillosock Flyers level no matter what the angle of the pole (not included) is.

Sillosocks Windsocks from Knutson’s Decoy Online

This compact telescopic pole from Sillosocks Decoys starts at 3 feet. It extends up to 12 feet! It is lightweight and easy to use for manually marking geese. Raise and lower the pole to simulate a goose landing on the equipment.

Alternatively, you can use the 12′ pole on a Sillosock swivel mount (sold separately). This pole and support system works great in high winds. As the pole bends and bounces, the shuttlecocks stay level. Place 75-100 yards directly upwind of the blinds and have plenty of shells!

The 12′ telescoping poles (sillosock flyers, sillosock snow goose flyers, sillosock flyers for sale, flyer sillosocks snow goose) come with a Sillosocks flag mount, which keeps the Flyers Sillosocks level no matter the angle of the pole.

Use with Sillosocks Snow Flyers, Sillosocks Flapping Blue Goose Decoy, Canada Flyers, Speck Flyers or Mallard Flyers. This system is deadly!

Decoy Parts and Accessories

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  2. Decoy Parts and Accessories evolve beyond their conventional role in hunting or military operations, finding applications in diverse fields such as cybersecurity, espionage, and entertainment.
  3. In cybersecurity, sophisticated decoy parts and accessories are developed to thwart cyberattacks by diverting hackers’ attention and luring them away from critical systems. These decoys mimic real assets, enticing attackers to waste their efforts on false targets while safeguarding the actual network infrastructure.
  4. Furthermore, cutting-edge decoy parts and accessories are utilized in espionage and intelligence operations to create intricate illusions and misdirection. From counterfeit documents and dummy devices to lifelike decoy agents, these tools play a pivotal role in deceiving adversaries and gathering crucial information without detection.
  5. Moreover, as technology advances, the entertainment industry embraces the potential of decoy parts and accessories to enhance immersive experiences. Theme parks, virtual reality simulations, and interactive exhibits incorporate hyper-realistic decoys to captivate audiences and blur the lines between reality and fiction.
  6. With the continuous refinement of materials science, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology, the future of decoy parts and accessories promises unprecedented sophistication and effectiveness. Whether safeguarding digital assets, conducting covert operations, or captivating audiences, these versatile tools will remain indispensable in shaping the landscape of deception and innovation.

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