The 4 arm rotary now includes a 2 arm head. The rotary package now comes with a complete 4 arm rotary with an option to use it as a 2 arm machine. Comes with a remote control, stand, 2 and 4 arm head and 4 sets of arms, carry bag 15 ft power cord that runs on 12 volt battery. The rotary machine is a great way to add realistic motion to your spread. The wingspan is around 14 ft from tip to tip. Combined with our flappers it makes a deadly combo. Battery not included Flappers not included

(Flapping decoys not included)



In the field of waterfowl hunting, the strategic use of Sillosock rotary decoy machine 2-4 arm is a time-honored technique, a nuanced dance between mimicry and attractiveness.

Among the arsenal of tools used by dedicated hunters, the Sillosock decoy spinning machine emerges as a revolutionary companion, offering not only realism but also a dynamic style for decoys.

In this exploration, we delve into the heart of waterfowl hunting efficiency, highlighting the innovative Sillosock – Rotary Decoy Machine with sillosock – rotary decoy machine 2-4 arm.

As seasoned hunters and newcomers alike seek the edge that can turn a day into a triumphant outing, understanding the intricacies of decoy machinery becomes paramount. 

Benefits of 2-4 Arm Design

The 2-4 arm design of the Sillosock Rotary Decoy Machine is not just a cosmetic feature; it carries forth a myriad of advantages that greatly enhance its effectiveness in waterfowl hunting.

In this Rotary Head by Sillosock Decoys section, we’ll explore the advantages of the 2-4 arm design, shedding light on why it stands out among decoy machines in the market.

Realism and Movement:

The fundamental advantage of the 2-4 arm design lies in its ability to replicate the natural movement of waterfowl.

Enhanced Visibility:

The additional arms not only contribute to realism but also amplify the visibility of the decoy spread. The rotating arms create a more expansive and noticeable visual effect, increasing the chances of catching the attention of distant waterfowl. 

Versatility for Different Species:

The (rotary decoy machine, rotary pigeon decoy machine, decoy rotary machine) 2-4 arm design caters to the preferences of various waterfowl species. Different species respond differently to decoy spreads, and the ability to adjust the number of arms in motion allows hunters to tailor their setups for specific birds. 

Increased Attraction Range:

The dynamic nature of the Rotary Machine 2-4 arm combo design extends the attraction range of the decoy spread. Birds flying from a distance are more likely to spot the movement and flock towards Rotary Machine Snow Goose Decoy, providing hunters with a broader window of opportunity. 

Strategic Decoy Spreading:

The multiple arms enable a strategic spreading of decoys, creating a more convincing illusion of a lively waterfowl gathering.

Rotary Machine Snow Goose Decoy can experiment with different configurations to simulate specific behaviors, such as feeding or resting, depending on the preferences of their target species. 

Tips for Using Sillosock Rotary Decoy Machine

To optimize your Sillosock Rotary Decoy Machine:

  • Start by varying the arm speed and direction for a natural look.
  • Experiment with different arm configurations to mimic specific waterfowl behaviors, enhancing realism.
  • Place the decoys strategically, considering wind direction and the line of sight for approaching birds.
  • Adjust the speed based on weather conditions; slower speeds work well in calmer weather.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the machine for smooth operation.
  • Combine Sillosock’s 2-4 arm design with traditional decoys for a diverse spread.
  • Embrace adaptability, fine-tuning your setup to cater to the preferences of different waterfowl species.

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