When dispersing deer, the movement of your deer is the key to success. All hunters know that if they can move their decoy, it will be more realistic and will make approaching deer feel more comfortable.




When attracting Primos scar deer decoy, the movement of the decoy is the key to success. Every hunter knows that if they could make their decoy move, it would be more realistic and would calm approaching deer. With the SCAR™ deer decoy, the slightest current will move the head and tail naturally. Once a deer sees SCAR™ in its area, it will come in to investigate the intruder. Be prepared!

All SCAR™ components: head, ears, antlers and legs fit inside the soft body cavity. This makes it easy to transport and reduces unwanted noise in the field.

Place SCARTM (scar deer decoy, coyote decoy to scare deer, decoy to scare deer) where people can view him from a distance. More deer will approach your setup if you place the decoy in the open, within sight of your blind or stand. Treat your dummy with caution. Take care to avoid leaving any aroma on your dummy. Keep SCARTM somewhere he won’t be able to detect fragrance. After setting him up, use Primos® Silver XPTM Scent Eliminating Spray on him and wear rubber gloves while handling him. Try a variety of smells and lures to entice deer to approach SCARTM. It is possible to scent the tail. To get deer to respond to SCARTM, call and rattle.

When dispersing deer, the movement of your deer is the key to success. All hunters know that if they can move their decoy, it will be more realistic and will make approaching deer feel more comfortable. With the SCAR™ deer decoy, the slightest breeze will cause the head and tail to move naturally. Once a buck sees SCAR™ in his area, he will come to investigate the intruder. Get ready!


  • Set up SCAR™ where it can be seen from a distance. Placing the decoy outdoors, within range of your blind or stand, will attract more deer, depending on your setup. Handle your lure with care.
  • Be careful not to leave a scent on your lure.
  • Store SCAR in an area where you will not notice the odor.
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling it and spray it with an odor-eliminator spray after you’ve installed it.
  • Experiment with various scents and lures to bring deer closer to SCAR™. The aroma can be applied to the glue.
  • Call and ring for deer to respond to SCAR™.

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