Ah, yes, OTHER DECOYS, duck decoys. Of all the rabbit holes duck hunters fail in, decoys might be the deepest and most labyrinthine. Most duck hunters start with a dozen, perhaps two. And then it builds from there. Oh, I have to have four or five dozen divers, at least. Silhouettes. One or two rotating wings. Or five. And for those field hunts, a couple dozen turned out en masse.

So it goes from there, but it’s a good thing, actually. A Dakota Decoys, a duck hunter without decoys, is just another weirdo who gets up stupidly early on the coldest mornings, dresses funny and enjoys the company of dogs much more than the company of people.

But back to the OTHER DECOYS. There are many of them out there: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. They will all work to some extent, but some fake lures are meant to work better. Below are the best decoys you can buy right now.

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