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Avian-X Topflight Green Wing Teal Decoys For Sale

Avian-X Topflight Green Wing Teal Decoys its new series of custom-painted. These avian-x decoys were designed to capture the true personality and body anatomy of a flock of teal feeding as they forage on the water’s surface. A perfect combination of low heads and feeders creates the look avian x wood duck decoys are going for. Combine that with the advanced rubber trim material and non-chip paint, and you have the best of the best. But the Green Wing Teal decoys 12 pack, Green-Winged Teal series includes 4 drakes (2 low-headed, 2 feeder) and 2 hens (1 low-headed, 1 feeder). 

All Topflight Series lures feature the innovative weight-forward swim keel design, which passes a line through the swim clip and creates natural movement in the lures, whether in the current or the slightest breeze. The avian x top flight, decoys are slightly large and measure 10″ from chest to tail. They are sold in packs of 6.

Avian X Topflight Green Wing Teal Decoys Review | Avian X Topflight Green Wing Teal Decoys Price 

  • HUNTING WIGEON DECOYS – Only at avian x top flight avx, avian-x teal decoys will you find this degree of detail. Wigeon decoys from Topflight Hunting replicate the hues, body positions, and behaviors of an actual wigeon flock in the water.
  • ULTRA REALISTIC – To better understand and choose the right poses for our incredibly successful decoys, we spent endless hours observing these birds in their natural habitat. All six of our decoys’ vivid, lifelike colors project far enough to draw birds into your spread.
  • UNMATCHED COLORATION & DETAIL – For the ultimate in floating duck decoys, avian x top flight late season mallards, ultra-realistic color schemes are combined with the best paint adhesion and durability; no-flake paint offers a long-lasting gloss.
  • 3 TRUE-TO-LIFE POSTURES – The avian x top flight duck decoys, avian-x powerflight teal, and these extremely sophisticated Topflight floating wigeon decoys are the ideal imitation of adult wigeon. Six birds total—two each of two High-Head Drakes, Low-Head Hens, and Low-Head Drakes.
  • EASY TO USE – To give these hunting decoys their natural motion on the water, snap the line through the swim clip. All Topflight floating decoys and avian-x mallard decoys have a unique weight-forward swim keel that slices through currents and winds with natural motion.

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