For the pinnacle in floating mallard decoys, AVIAN-X – DECOYS, ultra-realistic color schemes are combined with the best paint adherence and durability available. To give the decoys realistic motion on the water, all Topflight decoys have a revolutionary weight-forward swim keel that allows the line to be snapped through the swim clip.


Unmatched Realism: AVIAN-X decoys transcend the traditional plastic mold. From their meticulously hand-painted feather details to anatomically accurate poses, they’re crafted by artisans with an unwavering commitment to realism. Each decoy captures the subtle nuances of posture and movement, whether it’s the curious head tilt of a feeding hen or the puffed-up strut of a dominant tom turkey. This unwavering dedication to detail isn’t mere artistic fancy; it’s a strategic advantage. Realistic decoys fool even the most wary wildfowl, drawing them closer for that perfect shot.

Innovation, Not Imitation: AVIAN-X doesn’t settle for static replicas. They push the boundaries of decoy technology with features like Powerflight’s spinning wings, mimicking the mesmerizingly rhythmic beats of a duck taking flight. Their motion decoys, powered by wind or remote control, add another layer of authenticity, further captivating wary eyes. This commitment to innovation ensures that AVIAN-X decoys adapt to the ever-changing landscape of hunting strategies, always one step ahead of the game.

A Legacy of Quality: Founded by Rick Johannsen, a world-champion decoy carver, AVIAN-X – DECOYS carries the torch of hunting heritage. Their decoys are more than just tools; they’re testaments to a deep respect for the natural world and the thrill of the chase. Each piece is imbued with the passion and knowledge of generations of hunters, passed down through careful craftsmanship and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

Beyond the Decoy: AVIAN-X is more than just a decoy manufacturer; they’re a community of hunters united by a shared passion for the outdoors. Their website offers a wealth of reserves, from hunting tips and tutorials to inspirational stories and product reviews. It’s a platform for learning, sharing, and celebrating the unique bond between hunter and hunted.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a budding enthusiast, AVIAN-X decoys offer an edge that goes beyond the ordinary. They’re a testament to the artistry, innovation, and dedication that fuel the thrill of the hunt. So, when you step into the field, grab an AVIAN-X decoy. It’s not just a tool; it’s a silent partner, a testament to your respect for the quarry, and a symbol of your commitment to the hunt.


Color: Avalevel


Size: One Size

Material: Blend

Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces

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