Duck Decoys

Natural Duck Decoys For Online

A quality pair of duck decoys is an essential tool for any waterfowl shooter.

However, with the wide range of avian x duck decoys and brands that hunters can choose from, it cannot be easy to know where to start.

When starting to hunt Colorado’s smaller sloughs, marshes, and rivers, a dozen floating mallard decoys are sufficient for a novice hunter who is going to buy waterfowl equipment.

Since mallards are the most prevalent ducks in Colorado, it’s a terrific idea to use a mix of mallard duck decoys and hens to make your decoy spread.

You can combine some “feeders” and “sleepers” with your typical floating decoys to make your spread appear more natural. As your budget permits, you can keep adding more species and decoys of various sizes.

Luring ducks within shot range can also be accomplished by tossing in a couple of floating goose decoys. Ducks favorably receive goose decoys. Place your duck and goose decoys a few yards apart and together for optimal effect.

A few avian x black duck decoys are another common addition hunters make to their spread. Ducks passing by can clearly see black decoys, especially on cloudy days. Additionally, avian x wood duck decoys can mimic coots and other waterfowl, adding variety to your spread and providing ducks with the assurance they need to land. Black decoys are available for purchase, or you may make your own by spray painting a few hen mallard decoys flat black.

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