Avian X Turkey Decoys

Avian X Turkey Decoys For Sale

The Avian X Turkey Decoys collection offers a wide variety of decoys modeled after different wild turkey postures and actions. With great care and attention to detail, every decoy in the series is created to give hunters the most realistic and long-lasting decoys possible for successful turkey hunting.

Turkey Feeding Hen: This dummy bird displays a submissive eating stance, implying contentment with its relaxed feathers and stooped posture. It’s a flexible element that suggests a tranquil and secure setting in any setup. Avion x turkey decoys have a genuine rubber-molded leg stump, a realistic paint job, a flocked tailpiece, and a sturdy blow-molded structure. For convenient transportation, the kit includes a carrying bag and an integrated stake.

Turkey Hen: The Turkey Hen decoy has an erect body and two movable head positions: one with the head extended for an aggressive setup and the other with the head reclining for a submissive appearance. To create an authentic turkey scene, this decoy is ideal for teaming with other hen, Jake, or gobbler decoys. It also has intricate feather painting, rubber-molded leg stumps, and a sturdy blow-molded construction.

Turkey Jake: The Turkey Jake is a little smaller than an actual turkey and has a quarter-strut posture with subdominant feathers, suggesting that it is prepared to fight. It has two detachable head styles for commanding or submitting positions. The decoy has a realistic paint job, a synthetic beard, and rubber-molded leg stumps, making it perfect for combining with hen decoys to simulate a breeding couple.

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