Certified to International Humane Trapping Standards underwater and on land
Easily installed on float system
Highly effective with new paddle release.
Ideal trap for muskrat and mink on a float



In the field of wildlife management, pièges ouell – 411 has carved a niche for itself as a trusted name recognized for its innovative capture solutions.

At the center of its offering is Pièges Ouell – 411″, a capture tool designed to address the unique challenges faced by wildlife professionals.

This article delves into the complexities of Ouell 411 Trap,” exploring its dimensions, applications, and the role it plays in redefining effective and ethical harvesting practices.

Join us to discover the importance of this trapping solution and how it contributes to the ever-evolving landscape of wildlife conservation.

Target Species and Applications

The Pièges Ouell – 411″ emerges as a versatile capture solution, serving a wide range of wildlife species. Its effectiveness ranges from small to medium-sized animals, making it the preferred choice for wildlife management professionals.

From raccoons to foxes and more, the trap’s adaptability is evident in various trapping scenarios. Its applications extend to both urban environments, agricultural landscapes, and natural habitats, demonstrating its flexibility.

Wildlife professionals consider the BELISLE – SUPER X 330 10.5”  to be a reliable and efficient tool, addressing the unique challenges presented by different species in a spectrum of environments.

Advantages and Innovations

The Ouell 411 Trap” emerges as a paradigm of excellence in wildlife capture, with distinctive advantages and innovative features that set it apart.

Understanding these strengths is critical for wildlife professionals seeking optimal results from their trapping efforts.

Let’s delve into the advantages and innovations that make the BELISLE – SUPER X 160 6.5” a revolutionary in the field:

Precision Engineering:

  • The trap displays precision in design and construction, ensuring accuracy in capturing target species.
  • Precision engineering minimizes the risk of injury to captured wildlife, aligning with ethical harvesting practices.

Adaptability to Various Species:

  • Versatility is a key advantage, as the Pieges Ouell 411 à Écureuils” proves effective on a variety of wildlife species.
  • Trappers appreciate its adaptability, making Ouell 411 Trap an ideal solution for various trapping scenarios.

Durability in challenging conditions:

  • Manufactured from robust materials, the trap exhibits durability even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • This durability improves the life of the trap and ensures reliability during long-term use.

Efficient activation mechanism:

  • An innovative trigger mechanism responds quickly to wildlife triggers, maximizing capture efficiency.
  • Trappers benefit from the trap’s quick and effective response, reducing the chance of escape.

User-friendly design:

  • The Ouell Piège 411” is designed with ease of use in mind and catering to trappers of varying levels of experience.
  • Its intuitive design simplifies the setup process, contributing to a seamless shooting experience.

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